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What Does a Sports Nutritionist Do?

Understanding what a sports nutritionist does isn’t a simple question. In fact, it is one with a range of answers.

IntensEATfit partners with a selection of individuals and groups to explore how modifying our diets can enhance physical and mental performance, whether it be in the arena of sports stadiums, or simply in the functions of our everyday lives. 

And should you be chasing the pinnacle of your chosen exercise, nutritionists also aid in preventing and overcoming common injuries and health issues, as well as guiding you on personalised paths to reach your fitness goals.

Personalised sports nutrition

IntensEATfit has developed Personal Best – a tailored, sophisticated, sports nutrition program custom designed for endurance athletes, such as triathletes and ultra-distance runners. 

It’s for those who are seeking strategic nutrition advice to help make their training sessions more efficient, to consume more well-rounded fuel for optimal race-day performance, and to craft an overall happier and stronger body.
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Speaking, Workshops & Webinars

At IntensEATfit, we’re passionate about spreading the word on better dietary habits and why they can benefit you from a trained sports nutritionist. 

Gaby Villa is an enthusiastic and experienced public speaker and is available to present to a variety of audiences in different formats, such as in-person workshops and online webinars.

All presentations include a handout with key messages for the audience to take home and start applying what they have learned.
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If you would like to learn more about what a sports nutritionist can do for your personal journey, or be introduced to improve the performance of a wider group through seminars both online and in person, contact IntensEATfit today.
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