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Who Is Gaby Villa?

My job is to make your life easier, provide you with the tools that will help you take control of your diet and make it your best ally to achieve your goals.
- Gaby Villa

Hi, I'm Gaby Villa!

I’m a nutritionist and triathlete and I specialise in helping triathletes achieve their best results through individualised nutrition.

Playing sport from a very young age has taught me that CROSSING THE FINISH LINE knowing you did everything in your power to achieve the best result, is one of the most enriching experiences, those that fill the heart with pride.

That's why my MISSION is to empower people to find the best version of themselves and accompany them on their way to achieving their goals.

My GOAL with IntensEATfit is to help you discover the magic of eating with purpose, to realise the powerful tool at your fingertips to improve your results, make the most of your training, improve your quality of life and become your best version.
For many of us, dedicating ourselves exclusively to our sport is practically impossible. Most of us need to NAVIGATE work, family and social commitments to find a little bit of time for our training. If, on top of that, we want to complement it with a healthy diet, then balancing everything seems like mission impossible. 

I UNDERSTAND YOU perfectly and I’m here to help!

Working with triathletes of different levels in the last nine years has helped me understand the main frustrations and challenges that people face when wanting to improve their diet and athletic performance.

How I Got Here

I’ve practised sport for as long as I can remember, and this has helped me to live the benefits it provides not only to physical health but also mentally and spiritually. Playing so many sports also gave me the opportunity to meet many coaches and realise how important it was to have the technical knowledge, but also the interpersonal skills to motivate and direct people to achieving the best results. It was then that I decided I wanted to use my skills to help people be their best.

I have never been "skinny" and that made me obsess for many of my teenage years to exercise and diet in order to achieve that perfect, longed-for body. Studying nutrition made my relationship with food improve, but it still wasn't ideal.

I put all my effort into counting calories. There's a folder on my computer full of all the nutrition plans and different diets I tried (paleo, accelerated metabolism, gluten-free, etc.). I still couldn't see the results and how could I see them if I was constantly drawn to what I saw as forbidden?
Left: 7 years ago, obsessed with eating fewer calories and training to burn the ones I ate.
Right: Today, I love eating with purpose, enjoying exercise because it fills me with endorphins and helps me meet wonderful people and places.
It wasn’t until I moved to Australia that I understood that I was doing everything backwards- my attention had focused on everything I shouldn't eat. 

I knew perfectly well the crucial role that carbohydrates have in providing energy and still was eating a slice of bread with fear. 

I was convinced that my metabolism had something different and that's why I couldn't see the results.

Today I see everything from a different perspective. All the food I eat and recommend has a purpose. I stopped focusing on counting calories and started focusing my attention on NUTRIENTS...and that changed everything!
My job is to make your life easier, provide you with the tools that will help you take control of your diet and make it your best ally to achieve your goals.

I want you to feel the same way!

I'm here to support you and help you discover the powerful tool at your fingertips. If you're ready for what you do three times a day, seven days a week to become your best tool in improving your athletic performance, make the most of your workout and build a strong and healthy body, let's get started!
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I'm originally from Saltillo, Mexico. I lived in Monterrey for 8 years and in 2016 I moved to Perth, Western Australia to study my master's degree. However, I didn't expect fate to come as a surprise to me, and that same year I'd meet Aaron who has since become my life partner. That's how the two years I planned to live in Australia became five and counting...

I’ve been a triathlete for more than 10 years, I’ve participated in two Uni Games, one age group World Championship and three Ironman 70.3s. I have never been quick, however my ENDURANCE allows me to keep a steady pace for a long time which usually means I end up in the top 10 places in my category.

My Philosophy

It doesn’t matter what position I finish in a race. I’m there to beat my PBs, not Olympic Records. Completing a race and giving it my best is what I’m aiming for.
Living in Perth and practising triathlon are practically the perfect combination. There are many places to run, ride and swim. Most of my free time is spent enjoying the great weather outside either training or walking with our dog, Clark.

Achievements, Recognitions and Experience

If you are interested in knowing my complete resume, you can download it in the button below.
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Master's Degree in Exercise and Health - University of Western Australia
Diploma in Sports Nutrition - International Olympic Committee
Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Wellness – ITESM, Mexico
Applied psychology of eating, weight and body image - Australian Psychological Society
Sports Nutrition Certificate - Sports Nutrition Australia
Anthropometrist Level 2 - International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry
Certification in subcutaneous measurement of adipose tissue Level 2 - International Association of Sciences in Medicine and Sports
International Certification in Sports Coaching - Sports Coaching World
Diploma in Leadership and Management - Integral Development
Nutritionist state selections of canoeing, rowing, sailing and roller skates from 2013 to 2016 - State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of Nuevo León
Development and implementation in public health and health promotion policies since 2018 - Western Australian Department of Health
President Triathlon Club of the University of Western Australia since 2019
Age group triathlete since 2009
Mexico Uni Games 2011 and 2012
Representing Mexico in Age Group Triathlon World Championships - Gold Coast 2018
Ironman 70.3 Personal best 04:58:14.53 – Ironman 70.3 Busselton 2018
Other sports I have practised and enjoy: Swimming, boxing, volleyball and CrossFit

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