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A bit about Gaby

Gaby Villa is an enthusiastic and experienced public speaker and is passionate about presenting the benefits of sports nutrition to a range of diverse audiences, whether it be through direct workshops, or online in interactive webinars. These cover key areas around what sports nutrition is, the basics and the benefits, as well as some invaluable insights on what athletes should eat.

Gaby understands the importance of sharing valuable information to athletes in a practical manner with a message specifically tailored to the audience.

All presentations include a handout with key messages for the audience to take home.

Choose a topic from the list below or suggest your own for your sports team, community group, event or conference.
  • Benefits of sports nutrition workshops

    Sports nutrition workshops are excellent for engaging with the audience, and for improving the understanding of a topic while giving the individual athletes an opportunity to put the key lessons into practice. 

    A group setting is also the perfect environment to share ideas, explore beyond the basics of sports nutrition, and delve into the real benefits of what an athlete should eat in their pursuit for more efficient training and peak performance in their given field.
  • Sports nutrition webinars

    It doesn’t matter where in the world you call home; technology has made it so much easier for us all to connect. 

    A sports nutrition webinar is an excellent opportunity to provide continued education and nutrition support for your sports team or club, whether they are at home, playing away, or simply unable to meet in person. It can also be a way of adding value to your upcoming event or program.

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