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Personal Best Program

The nutrition program designed for endurance athletes ready to fuel their bodies with confidence and race to their full potential

Endurance sports, such as ultra-running and triathlon, place significant demands on the body. Beyond adequate training and physical preparation, athletes with the most successful results are those who fuel with purpose  and use nutrition to their advantage in every aspect of their journey. 

Athletes who fuel with purpose are those who make conscious food choices taking into consideration not only their nutritional needs, but also how food makes them feel physically and emotionally. 

The fuelling with purpose framework

Successful endurance athletes need to hone 4 critical areas that set them apart:

Fuel the core

By fuelling your core, you ensure that your nutrition is meeting your body's energy and nutrient needs to fulfuill its essential functions and put up with the endurance training demands. This is critical for supporting the body in operating efficient, keeping the athlete healthy and preventing the risk of injury. 

Fuel the endurance

Fuelling your endurance means ensuring that you can commence your training sessions feeling energised, maintain your energy levels throughout the session and optimise your recovery and performance adaptations afterwards. All this maximises performance gains allowing the athlete to get the most out of each training session. 

Fuel the performance

Fuelling your performance is all about stepping onto the start line with confidence knowing that your body is ready, staying strong during the race and cross the finish line feeling accomplished. To achieve this, it is critical to work on a well planned and executed nutrition race strategy that beyond keeping the athlete energised and strong, will minimise the gut upset or cramping. 

Fuel the soul

Fuelling your soul means establishing a healthy relationship with food and your body while eating what you love and loving what you eat. Eating healthy it’s not only about what’s on your plate but also about the mindset you have when you put it in your mouth. Shifting from a mindset of restriction and punishment to one of nourishment and respect enables the athlete to fuel with confidence and intention.

Make food your best ally in sport and life

What's included in program

  • Direct nutrition advice tailored to your performance needs
  • Stop scrambling and start pulling the pieces together with my proven roadmap for success
  • Accountability to keep you on track no matter what life throws at you, I’ve got the tools to ensure your nutrition is always optimised
  • Personlised fuelling plan that shows you exactly what to eat to meet your performance and fuelling needs
  • Receive practical and simple nutrition advice that saves you time and energy while still meeting your dietary needs.
  • Understand exactly what to fuel and recover with on race day for best results.
  • Say goodbye to stomach upsets and impaired performance.
  • Get the nutrition strategies you need to achieve a PB and cross that finish line with a big smile.
  • Stop guessing what to eat and receive the exact strategy tailored to your needs and race conditions.  
  • Discover how to hydrate efficiently for training and races.
  • Debunk your sodium and fluid requirements.
  • Understand the key things you need to know to prevent cramping, dehydration and stomach upset.
  • No need to wait for a response to your fuelling questions. With on demand support you can adjust your nutrition plan and access support as you go.
  • Stop having to wait between appointments to ask questions and troubleshoot roadblocks.
  • No more wasting money on products that don’t work for you.
  • Discover exactly what supplements you need to reach your goals and optimise your nutrition. 
  • Avoid gut upset and get my top recommended supplement brands. 
  • Recipes that fit your individual needs and lifestyle.
  • Never have to think about what to cook again. It’s all done for you in your personalised recipe book.
  • Convenient family friendly recipes that are on the table in less than 60 minutes.
  • Balanced meals designed specifically for peak performance
  • Track your mood, food and activity in a single space.
  • Receive immediate feedback and accountability.
  • Stay on track and moving closer to your goals.

Who is the Personal Best Program for?

The athletes who get the most benefit from the Personal Best Program are usually one or more of the following.

Endurance athletes ready to up their game

You are an ultra-runner or triathlete who has been involved in the sport for three years or more. You have worked on your nutrition in the past but are ready to take it a step further and allow your body to unlock its full potential. 

history of stomach upset

You know your legs are capable of great things but your gut is struggling to keep up with the pace. You want to understand what foods and nutrition strategy is best for you so you can train and race with energy and confidence. 

big challenge ahead

You have ambitious goals and want to fuel your body as best as possible for every aspect of the process to ensure that the time an energy investment you're making really pays off.

are your ready to unlock your full potential?

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Len Hartley

Previously during Ironman distance events I had issues with hydration and fuelling resulting in a few subpar performances on the run. After speaking to a few other triathletes as well as my coach I decided to contact Gaby at IntensEATfit to get help in identifying and solving these issues to improve my overall performance. While working with Gaby we uncovered that I wasn’t fueling my training sessions well enough, I wasn’t practicing fueling through training enough to condition my stomach to take onboard the required amount of carbs and through testing that my fluid and salt loss was well above average. 

Gaby was great at explaining how these things impact my performance and it was a surprise to find out exactly how much carbohydrate and fluids it takes to successfully fuel and Ironman training & racing. Gaby instilled the importance in training nutrition, and we worked on my nutrition plan weekly allowing my body to get used to the amount of carbs it was taking on board, optimizing the plan to get the best result. This enabled one of the best training blocks I have completed and set me up for a great race in Cairns where I had a strong run to PB by over 10 mins on a challenging course.

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