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There are few sports more gruelling on the body than heavy endurance events. Triathlons, a half ironman, ultra-marathons – the body needs to be in top physical fitness to even make it through, and to ensure you can produce your peak performance, your training schedule needs to be built on a personalised nutrition plan accounting for the needs of endurance athletes both pre and post workout.

Are you operating with the right nutrition and eating to perform at your best? Do you feel stuck with your performance and would like to see better results?

Learn more about the benefits of personalised nutrition in our live masterclass on the 4-principle fuelling method for triathletes and ultra-distance runners.
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You are too overwhelmed with all the diet talk out there and are struggling to find what is best food for you.
You are constantly hungry but are concerned you may be eating the wrong things.
You are afraid of digestive issues ruining your race.
Your training and life schedule makes it hard for you to eat what you need.
You are committed to your training but struggling to see the results.
You are often tired and lacking energy.

Learn More On Personalised Nutrition & Performance Eating Plans Within the IntensEATfit Live Masterclass

IntensEATfit specialises in optimising performance for endurance athletes, from triathletes to every day Australians aiming to get better results at their half ironman, full ironman or ultra-marathon. Learn more about how you can eat to perform, as well as the right food to consume pre and post workout, by joining the masterclass today.
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personal best
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Achieve your peak performance.
Live in a happy and strong body.
Feel energised at training and your most important events.
Regain confidence and feel empowered with your food choices.
Love the food that you eat and eat the food that you love.
Save time in the kitchen and spend time on what matters most.
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