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Jennah douglas

I started working with Gaby from IntenEATfit in December 2020. Six months out from my main race of the season, the Busselton 70.3. My reason for contacting Gaby was because I felt I had reached a plateau with my training and decided that I needed to learn how to fuel myself properly for both training and races. The end goal was to improve my overall health but most importantly my performance.
Gaby has been absolutely amazing. Providing me with an easy to follow meal plan, pre-race strategy and race day nutrition plan.

I felt the benefits almost immediately and after the first month saw positive changes in my body composition and overall energy levels.

I completed my goal race on 1st May 2021 and achieved a 15 minute PB. I felt well fuelled throughout the race with no gastro issues. I have also recovered better than following previous races.

Gaby is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Her advice is invaluable and nothing is too much trouble.

I would highly recommend her and the services she offers to anyone.
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Len Hartley

Previously during Ironman distance events I had issues with hydration and fuelling resulting in a few subpar performances on the run. After speaking to a few other triathletes as well as my coach I decided to contact Gaby at IntensEATfit to get help in identifying and solving these issues to improve my overall performance. While working with Gaby we uncovered that I wasn’t fueling my training sessions well enough, I wasn’t practicing fueling through training enough to condition my stomach to take onboard the required amount of carbs and through testing that my fluid and salt loss was well above average. 

Gaby was great at explaining how these things impact my performance and it was a surprise to find out exactly how much carbohydrate and fluids it takes to successfully fuel and Ironman training & racing. Gaby instilled the importance in training nutrition, and we worked on my nutrition plan weekly allowing my body to get used to the amount of carbs it was taking on board, optimizing the plan to get the best result. This enabled one of the best training blocks I have completed and set me up for a great race in Cairns where I had a strong run to PB by over 10 mins on a challenging course.

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